An Anatomy of a Risk Assessment at BSidesLondon (Updated)

(Updated) The lovely people at @twistandshoutUK and @j4vv4d have very kindly sent me the recording of my presentation. I have inserted it below, just above the slideshow so you can follow along and pause the slideshow in time with the presentation!

Here are the slides from my presentation at todays BSidesLondon. I will add the video of the presentation in a few days once I get a copy from the organisers and process it.

As always, comments are welcome; let me know if you loved it, hated it or were even perplexed by it. Every comment is a valuable piece of learning for me!

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You can also find a downloadable version of the presentation directly here.

An Anatomy of a Risk Assessment

The video below is my presentation to the RANT forum in London on “An Anatomy of a Risk Assessment”. In it I give a personal view on the mechanics underlying a risk assessment or audit. It is not a highly technical approach, and is not meant to be; for that purpose there are plenty of books and guidance available elsewhere. Instead I take a more human approach as to how to get the most out of an assessment, from both sides of the table. The slides are available at the link below, in Keynote, PDF and Powerpoint format or can just be viewed through your browser. Presenter notes are there and are my original presentation ideas, and so therefor may not accurately reflect the presentation on the night!

Technically, this was my first ever public speaking engagement of any note (I did a two minute session in the November RANT), and so I am scrutinising my performance significantly to ensure I can improve upon this presentation for reuse at other venues. If you attended, or indeed if you care to review the video below I would welcome your feedback. I must say though, having watched it a number of times now, I am very much painfully aware of my annoying personal tics, mannerisms and expressions of speech! Still, it was an immensely enjoyable experience and one I am looking forward to repeating at some point in the next twelve months.

The book I make reference to at 16:00 is The Leaders Workbook by Kai Roer (, an inspirational book, but only if you use it properly!