Sailing with the 451 Group

Last thursday, 20th February saw me take a day of work and attend the Enterprise 451 Information Security Executive Summit and also present there in the afternoon. Although I didn’t make it until lunchtime (due to meetings about another conference later this year) it was still a cracking afternoon, with plenty of opportunities to chat to the analysts, see some of their latest research and also have roundtable discussions with the vendors.

Often these roundtables can be quite hard work as the vendors can pitch quite hard to get their moneys worth from sponsoring the day, but the ones I attended were handled very well and actually put the focus on the attendees discussions rather than the products. Of note in this regard was Palo Alto, and I enjoyed the vigorous discussion, despite it running over by 10 minutes as we all rallied to make our own points!

I presented on “Sailing the C’s of Disaster Planning”, a heavily rewritten and much improved presentation from its first outing at 44CON in September. I have noticed a step change in my presentation style since 44CON as I grow more confident in what it is I am saying and less reliant on the slides and bullet points. This results in a more engaging slide deck and a more fluid style of presentation. informal feedback has been good so far, although I am looking forward to getting mor formal feedback if it becomes available.

The after conference dinner and drinks were also excellent and resulted in me almost missing my last train home.

This week sees me at RSA USA for the first time which is hugely exciting; it is a huge conference (one of the organisers told me up to 24,000 people) and even on the soft start day is incredibly busy. I will no doubt write up my eexperiences here in th enext few days.