Selling Out and Moving Out…

Well, not quite, but it isn’t far from the truth.

A few months ago I was approached by a security vendor to see if I would be willing to join them as a Security Advocate, a first of its kind position int heir company. I was referred to them by my old chum and average friend, Javvad Malik (@j4vv4d), so naturally I was very suspicious and asked them to get off the line as I was expecting a very important call.

Once the initial confusion was worked out, I discussed the role, and over the course of a weekend came to the conclusion that this was not only a great opportunity but great timing too. 2020 has been tough on everyone, and running a new business in this environment has been challenging at best. Thankfully, after reaching this decision and following a number of weeks of interviews culminating in an online presentation by me, they reached the same decision that I should join their company.

So, as of Monday 30th November 2020, (TL)2 Security Ltd will be on hiatus for the foreseeable future as I take on the Security Advocate role for Sentinel One. My new employers are very happy for me to see any outstanding work through to completion, and of course, this blog, Host unknown and The Lost CISO will all be continuing.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of my clients (even those of you who took three months to pay me, you know who you are…) to say thank you for your trust in me and for the opportunity to work with you and your wonderful companies. To say I had a blast would be an understatement.

For now, though, it is exciting times ahead, to be sure.

Opening a New Door of Opportunity

As many of you have worked out by now I am no longer in full time employment and have decided to open the doors on my own business; I give you (TL)2 Security Ltd:


Originally intended to fill a gap on my CV while I find a full time job, and allow me to take on work in the interim, I have been blown away by the interest in the services (TL)2 Security offers and thee immense goodwill from so many people. As I was building the website I decided to go beyond a simple one page brochure and expand it a little, resulting in a genuine sense of excitement that I really could make a go of this little enterprise!

As a result I am sat in an office in Paris having just signed my first contract for a couple of months of work. This isn’t just any work, this is an international contract no less! I am also pleased to say I also have other work lined up and getting ready for the contract stage and all in all I am feeling a little pleased with myself.


You can visit the official site at (TL)2 Security, and see the consultancy services on offer, but they broadly fall into two camps, namely strategic (vCISO, strategic advice & support) and Speaking (conferences, keynotes, brand advocacy). It is deliberately very broad at this point and plenty of grey area in between where I will no doubt take on work that is neither one camp or the other; I do have a mortgage to pay after all.

So please welcome (TL)2 Security to the world, incorporated on 25th January 2019, and the first contract signed exactly a month later. It was a difficult labour, and I am still finding my feet, but I am so very, very excited to help it grow up and become a force to be reckoned with.

As the well know philosopher and entrepreneur, Derek Trotter, once said;

“This time next year, we could be millionaires”