TandTSEC is dead… Long Live ThomLangford!

@TandTSEC ~ @ThomLangford

For those of you who follow me on Twitter you may have seen a tweet from me stating my Twitter name is changing, from @TandTSEC to @ThomLangford and my web address from tandtsec.com to thomlangford.com. That change has been carried out earlier than planned for reasons beyond my control.

What it came down to was a matter of having to explain the background to TandTSEC a little too often, and to be honest, if you have to explain it then it subsequently loses impact and creates confusion. I have been on a mission to simplify my online residencies and this has resulted so far in a cleaner and easier to read blog interface, the use of thomlangford.com and finally the changing of my Twitter name.

If you were following me (and thank you for that!) on @TandTSEC you will not need to do anything as renaming an account does not unlink all of the Following and Follower data. You do have to remember my new Twitter name if you wish to tweet with me and I respectfully beg your forgiveness for that!

@TandTSEC and the related email account will still be active but will redirect people to the relevant ThomLangford accounts. There may also be a slight issue with the Tweet feed in this blog but I suspect they will ease out after a few days and/or posts.

Thanks for your understanding and continued support and following!

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