EU Security Blogger Awards 2013

It is not often I am inspired enough to write a post at the breakfast table, let alone on a Saturday, but that is exactly what is happening now. Brian Honan (@brianhonan) just this morning announced the opening of the EU Security Blogger Awards voting.
I had taken the time last week to vote for the nominees for this award as I felt strongly that while there is a strong infosec community in Europe we rarely shout about the fact. I also noticed that many of the blogs and twitter feeds I follow are USA based; nothing wrong with that per se, but as a result I was losing a certain element of relevance in my reading, education and therefore understanding about the issues that affect us in the industry, and specifically in the EU.
With Brian’s announcement I duly voted and todays announcement is the result of that process, namely the nominations for the awards. As a result of this however two wonderful things have come about; firstly, I have been given a rich seam of bloggers and tweeters to follow! This is like being given free textbooks at school, or a free subscription to your favourite infosec magazine. I fully intend to tap this source of information to its fullest extent in the coming weeks.
Secondly, I was both amazed and honoured to have been nominated in the category of Best Personal Security Blog! This is a tremendous surprise and somewhat daunting given the company I am keeping in this category. I am all the more humbled by the fact that this nomination was made possible because of people voting; to those of you who gave your unsolicited vote for me to be in this category, I thank you.
So I would urge all of you who read this to not only look at the nominations at the above link to see who else is out here in the EU blogging space, but also to vote and really underscore the fact that the EU blogging community is large, noisy, vibrant, informed, opinionated and above all active in the information security community. Your cheques will be in the post shortly.

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