An Anatomy of a Risk Assessment


An Anatomy of a Risk Assessment


A thorough risk assessment is an intimate process, akin to the dissection and analysis of key organs of the body. Each organ needs to perform its function in complete harmony with the others in order to fulfil its true function and potential. This presentation looks at the various organs and body parts of a risk assessment in a practical and down to earth manner. This is not risk assessment by the numbers, or indeed how to tick boxes (please, go and buy a book for that!) but rather what are the tips and tricks that you can use to get through an assessment (or even an audit) from either side of the table. How can you get the most out of your auditor? How can you read between the lines of what a difficult client is saying to ensure you get the most accurate assessment of their environment? Learn of the various tools you have at your disposal that are not only free, but are in integral part of your anatomy!


45-50 minutes

Presented at:

Acumin RANT Forum January 2012

Bsides London April 2012

Feedback: 4.35/5, standard deviation .98

BCS Wiltshire Branch July 2012

BCS Information Risk Management & Assurance Specialist Group January 2013

World Class Mobile Collaboration, Frankfurt December 2013

A look at audits and risk assessments not only from both sides of the table, but in a way that books don’t teach you. Feedback after one presentation was “were you in the Police force because these are the same techniques we learn for interrogations” (I was not).



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