Sailing the C’s of Disaster Planning


Sailing the C’s of Disaster Planning (A Guide to Make Your Plans Shipshape)


Disaster planning goes beyond disaster recovery and even business continuity. Disaster planning is a mindset and a tone of approach that allows you to not only create and manage your plans successfully, but also get them adopted and improved upon more easily. This is pulled together into a single, easy to understand and remember framework using the five C’s.

Looking briefly at different initial approaches to disaster planning and how they have come about, this talk subsequently looks at the five C’s themselves. Namely Command, Control, Collaborate, Communicate and Change, they explain not only how they apply to disaster planning but also how they interoperate with each other.

Using the five C’s to overlay onto an existing disaster planning capability will ensure it is not only capable of achieving its goals but also ensure it is operating as effectively as possible and able to adapt to the future changing needs of the organisation. This presentation does not set out how to establish your plans in the first place, but rather how to ensure they are as powerful as possible now and for the future.


45-50 minutes

Presented at:

44CON September 2013

Enterprise 451 Events Information Security Executive Summit February 2014


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