Throwing Shapes for Better Security Risk Management


Throwing Shapes for Better Security Management


Learn how to strut your stuff throwing shapes to improve three key areas of your security risk management programme. Provide better quality reports, improve your incident management planning and even connect to your business more effectively, all through the application of simple shapes.

Bedazzle your Board with the Box, protect your people with the Pentagon and titillate your team leaders with the Triangle. (Other shapes and effects may also be used in this presentation).

This is not your average dance class, but rather three key ways to connect any part of your information security programme more effectively to your organisation and it goals.

Participants should be of moderate fitness; beginners must consult their Doctor prior to undertaking any form of moderate security shape throwing. All equipment must be wiped down after use. Caution: no actual dancing is involved in this presentation.


45-50 minutes

Presented at:

Securitay 3 January 2013

ISSA Bristol Chapter Meeting May 2014

CSA Norway Summer Conference June 2014

A look at some alternative ways of improving your security risk management programme through better reporting and communication.


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