UFO’s, Dirty Dancing & Exploding Helicopters


UFO’s, Dirty Dancing & Exploding Helicopters (Understanding Risk Management Hollywood Style)


Do you know your Bruce Willis from your Bruce Schneier, or your Gone With the Wind from your Gone Missing in the Post?  Using Hollywood as a backdrop this presentation illustrates the various principles of risk that can be used to underpin a successful risk management programme. Exploring concepts crucial to supporting the success, and failure, of your risk management programme, we look at how technology can be used, and abused, to meet your company’s goals; we see if your organisational structure itself is conducive to your success; and we review where the tips, and traps, of running a successful risk management operation lie.


45-50 minutes

Presented at:

Acumin RANT Forum September 2012

ISSA-UK Bristol Chapter May 2013

ISSA-UK London Chapter June 2013

I even gave away prizes at these talks, it was that good!



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