“An Anatomy…” at the BCS

A short post to give the Wiltshire branch of the BCS a pointer to the slides from the presentation I gave last week on Tuesday 24th July in Swindon. It was an excellent evening, although I suspect the turnout was somewhat diminished by the weather!

The audience also included members of the IET which bought a very interesting slant to the questions at the end. I have also exchanged a few views with folks over Linkedin as well, and if you are still awaiting a response from me please bear with me!

The one thing that did however fail was the video recording of the talk; unfortunately it gave out halfway. I was going to edit the footage anyway and then perhaps link to an alternative recording of the same talk, but I have taken the decision not to as it is a messy compromise to try and stitch two different talks together to get the entire content in one place. As a result I have decided to simply link to a previous recording, specifically the BsidesLondon one I gave in April.

So, thank you Geoff Hunt for having me along to speak to the Wiltshire branch of the BCS (where I am also a largely absent member of the committee!) and especially thank you to the folks in the audience for your interest and your questions. If any of you do happen to have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them in here, via email or Twitter. Any feedback is also of course very much welcomed.

The video can be found here, and the slides can be found here (note that the presentation is originally in keynote format, the PPT export may look slightly different).

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