10 Rules of Risk Management… In 10 Movie Quotes

I had an absolute blast last night presenting at the Acumin RANT forum (https://www.rantforum.com) on the topic of “10 Rules of Risk Management… In 10 Movie Quotes”. The premise was simple – people don’t remember rules or dull facts, but they do remember things that emotionally touch them in some way. Each quote and movie opened up a conversation on an aspect of risk management (although the term “rule” was a little inaccurate of course). Given it was the RANT forum, and I was competing for the attention of the audience against the allure of a free bar, there was plenty of opinion and discussion flowing around the room throughout. Hopefully a few of the points I was trying to make will have stuck as a result of quotes such as “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” or “I see dead people”.

I felt the audience engaged and participated throughout with lots of very verbal agreement and disagreement throughout, and it was exciting to be right at the centre of the maelstrom. If you have never been to a RANT before just imagine one person being surrounded by a large number of people only a few feet away; with your back to the projector screen, there is no lectern to hide behind and no stage to stand on. It’s do or die, and a  #Fail never far from your thoughts!

Not everyone agreed with the points I was making of course but that just generated further conversation. I had some excellent follow up conversations with a number of people, including a great idea for my next presentation which a stated up front I might shamelessly steal – I think i got his agreement that doing so was OK! I had some very positive feedback afterwards as well for which I am very appreciative of; if you are reading this and want to provide more feedback, of both kinds, then please do. Without wishing to sound too “new age”, feedback is a gift you can give someone that will allow them to grow and improve. Without it we continue to make mistakes and miss the opportunity to learn.

Gemma (from Acumin) and I tried something new this time as well, filming the presentation with two cameras. It will take me a few days to splice the footage together, but as soon as it is done I will have it posted here. I know some of those who attended were interested in both reviewing and sharing the footage, as well as the slides; these are below, as well as a slideshow of the deck. I use Keynote  for my presentations, so the PowerPoint conversion is never a true representation. If in doubt, use the PDF. Someone mentioned last night that they may want to link to the content here too. I have no objections to this, just credit me and don’t muck about with the content!

My thanks to Acumin for hosting the evening, and thank you to all of you who took part, especially the very lucky prize winners! (If you wanted a pen but didn’t get one let me know and I will do my best to send one to you).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Files for download:

PDF – 10 Rules of Risk Management

PPT – 10 Rules of Risk Management

Keynote – 10 Rules of Risk Management (native)

Movie from the evening – Coming Soon

3 thoughts on “10 Rules of Risk Management… In 10 Movie Quotes

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