These pages contain the presentation I have given over the last few years. I am available to give them at your event upon request, and each one has gone through multiple iterations to ensure it is educational, thought provoking, memorable and above all enjoyable. I am able to write new presentations as well, or even modify or combine any of these to meet a particular need.

The primary focus of these presentations is around risk assessment, audit, compliance, risk measurement, risk management, education and awareness, and of course information security generally.

My presentation style is to talk more and put less on the slide, so the slides as they are presented will not always give the core messages across in isolation.. They are however key to the message and help tell the stories of the various point I am putting across. Where possible I have also included films of the presentation as well to give an idea of both my style and the content.

Click on each of the cover slides below or select from the above menu for more information on each presentation. Your feedback and comments, as always, are welcome.

CIA Triangle eCrimes Congress.001

Use Your CIA Triangle (and Improve Your Risk Management Programme)

Throwing Shapes for Better Security Risk Management.001

Throwing Shapes for Better Security Risk Management

The Six Rs of Risk - RANT.001

The Six R’s of Risk (a Short Guide)

Flushing Away Preconceptions of Risk.001

Flushing Away Preconceptions of Risk

RSAC Europe 2013 GRC-R08 THOM LANGFORD.001

Playing the Game of Thrones: Ensuring the CISO’s Role at the King’s Table

An Anatomy of a Risk Assessment

An Anatomy of a Risk Assessment

5C's 451 Group.001

Sailing the C’s of Disaster Planning (A Guide to Making Your Plans Shipshape)


UFO', Dirty Dancing & Exploding Helicopters

UFO’s, Dirty Dancing & Exploding Helicopters (Understanding Risk Management Hollywood Style)


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